About us

We are Genevieve Briennon & Sandrine Thompson, two pure locals from countryside France, and we love our region so much –on the border between Burgundy and Rhone-Alpes– that we simply had to show how beautiful it is to the rest of the world. But that’s not it, we love food and wine, we love having fun, the countryside and sports, so our many years spent in tourism have lead us to organise a different kind of holiday which includes all of this. The choice is yours of course, you may choose an all-gastronomic holiday, or one revolving around French culture and gastronomy, a cycling-based holiday or even a taylor-made tour of Burgundy, France and Europe. In any case, you will be accommodated in quality chambres d’hôtes.

Our Philosophy

- We will give you a personal welcome so that we can get to know you, and you can get to know us, therefore have a more fulfilling exchange
- You will meet French people who will be delighted to share their culture and specific skills with you
- We wish to show you a region which isn’t very well known, but very beautiful and worth seeing, giving you the opportunity to visit REAL France
- You will be fully participating in your holiday, rather than just observing
- All our demonstrations and workshops are performed by qualified professionals with references
- Seriousness combined with a good deal of humour
- We and our qualified team speak English

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